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Now This is an Internship!

  Through Startup Colorado we’re doing some pretty cool stuff. In fact, some of the adventures coming out of this program are so cool that I’m jealous I’m not a student with this opportunity in front of me (skip the tests – just give me this stuff!).

Our partners in stunningly beautiful Boulder, Colorado are piloting a program that we eventually want to caste into Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Collins based upon what we learn initially. So they’re looking for Colorado’s most dedicated, driven and aspiring young entrepreneurs to participate in a sweet summer program offering the opportunity to (a) work as a paid intern for a Boulder/Denver startup and to (b) attend a variety of evening  and weekly events, including a weekly seminar series on entrepreneurship. This isn’t some moribund internship where they use you as a coffee courier (okay – they might ask you to grab a couple of lattés), but rather an immersive, interactive, ass-kicking internship. Talk about getting yourself ready to rock upon graduation …

Startup Summer offers:

  • A paid ten-week internship with a Boulder/Denver startup; the internship will include frequent interaction with the company founders and management team;
  • The Startup Summer Seminar Series featuring prominent entrepreneurs teaching classes on entrepreneurship;
  • A weekly social event with business leaders in the community;
  • A close-knit community with your peers in Startup Summer through group housing in Boulder;
  • An end-of-summer competition with an opportunity to win mentorship from some of Boulder’s finest entrepreneurs and investors!

We are looking for interns that understand the value of this experience and are willing to immerse themselves in this summer program. To be accepted into Startup Summer, you should:

  • Be a rising sophomore, junior or senior actively enrolled in a four-year program in Colorado
  • Have an academic focus in business, engineering, or computer science (preferred but not required)
  • Produce two letters of reference
  • Have a drive for entrepreneurship and innovation in business and technology
  • Have a business idea at any stage of development
  • Be willing to live together in Startup Summer group housing

Sign up (here) and have a blast this summer – all while building your resume, getting smarter and getting seriously connected! (and if you’re just a jealous older entrepreneur like me – pass this on to another young whippersnapper).

– Jan


2 Responses to “Now This is an Internship!”

  1. Is this coming to the Springs?

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